The Elevator was published by the Western Kentucky State Normal School student body, monthly during the school year between 1909-1916.

Table of Contents:

  • Howdy
  • Our Paper
  • A New Department
  • Our Ads
  • Discivered
  • Opening
  • We're Back
  • The Earthling
  • The Thirty-Seventh Demise of Herlock Bones
  • The Mind the Kingdom Is
  • The Garden of the Golden Bees by Lucy Booth
  • The Afterglow by Lucy Booth
  • Nathan Zwick
  • The To-Morrow, A Mirage
  • News
  • Friendship by N. Vancleave
  • He Came; He Dared; He Conquered
  • Athletics
  • Seniors
  • The Juniors
  • The Kit-Kat Club
  • The Loyals
  • The Appeal to the Class of '15
  • The Freshie's Groans by Nettie Layman
  • A Riddle
  • The Grinnery



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