The Elevator was published by the Western Kentucky State Normal School student body, monthly during the school year between 1909-1916.

Table of Contents:

  • The Editor's Thoughts
  • Our Advertisers
  • First Aid to the Injured
  • News
  • Calloway County
  • Lyon County by N.G. Martin
  • Caldwell County by E.B. Baker
  • Crittenden County by B.M. Owen
  • Jefferson County by George Page
  • Spencer County
  • Simpson County by Edgar Thompson
  • Christian County
  • McLean County by Susan Peffer
  • Athletics
  • To Know, to Have, to Be
  • Holly Berries
  • In the Christmas Candlelight by Mary Low
  • My Forecast
  • Christmas Tears, Henry Van Dyke
  • Review of "The Call of the Wild"
  • The Library
  • Clippings
  • Passing the Cayenne



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