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Unidentified portraits of the Class of 1913. If you can identify a photograph contact

Flower - Red Clover

Colors - Green & Gold

Motto - Initia Maioruum Rerum

Officers J. Leslie Miller, president; Catherine Braun, secretary; Finley Grise, treasurer

Class Yell Wi-nip, Wi-nap, Wi-nop! Ki-lip, Ki-lap, Ki-lop Schago, Shiggo, Scheen Nizzam plus our Dean Seniors of '13!!!

Anna Adams, Ruby Alexander, Garnett Barnes, Sue Ellen Barnhill, Thurman Barton, Bessie Beck, Mrs. Blackman, Catherine Braun, Paul Chandler, Kate Clagett, Susan Cullom, Anna Lee Davis, Nettie Drane, Jake Farris, Ermine Gooch, Finley Grise, Eliza Hale, Kathryne Hawthorne, Jenny Lind Hodges, Woodfin Hutson, Ella Judd, Ruby Knott, Albert London, DeWitt Martin, Hazel McClusky, Leslie Miller, William Simmons, Harry Weir and Gordon Wilson.



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