Document includes project outline, syllabus, and rubric for evaluation.


The intent of this project is to engage approximately 500 freshmen per semester in rigorous learning experiences focused on strengthening students’ reading comprehension by using evidence and synthesis of information to make sound, text-supported arguments both orally ­­­­and in writing. LTCY 199 Reading for Ev­­idence and Argument has served students underprepared in reading for the last six years. Starting in spring 2016 LTCY 199 will be expanded and required of students who score 15-19 on the reading portion of the ACT. Data that support the effectiveness of the course indicate that students who successfully complete the course are retained after two years at the same rate as students who enter the university with an ACT reading score of 26 (GPA’s are also equivalent). This E & A Fellows Project will allow us to:

1) Train new LTCY 199 Reading for Evidence and Argument instructors to align course objectives with the QEP goals;

2) Expand and focus the services of the WKU Center for Literacy to include the goals of the QEP;

3) Make LTCY 199 a co-requisite with content area courses in the Colonnade Plan so that students can register for both courses at the same time with instructors from each course working together to best support students literacy growth and content learning;

4) Partner with middle and high schools to help better prepare students to be college ready in reading through a time- share approach that brings teachers to WKU to be trained to teach LTCY 199 through job-embedded practices; and

5) Promote dual-credit LTCY 199 courses in high schools with instructors who have been prepared by Literacy professionals at WKU.


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