Multimodal Reflections III - Jordan Mansfield - Week 11

Streaming Media


My content was created during the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Pandemic, which caused universities worldwide to switch classes to an online format for the rest of the spring 2020 semester and possibly beyond. My vlogs are meant to act as a substitution for a multimedia ethnography project for ANTH 449 for the remainder of the spring 2020 semester. For my project, I discussed topics related to my personal life, the perspective of a college student, social media, propaganda, and death and grieving during this pandemic. I conducted auto-ethnographic vlog-style interviews of myself discussing each of these topics over a 5-week period. The content in these videos are my personal thoughts and in no way reflect the opinions of others unless stated otherwise, such as social media posts. This project was obviously not what I expected to happen this semester. However, by doing this and putting myself in a position to reflect on the prior week’s events, I could look at things from a different perspective than I would have. I could look at a post on social media or an article and think of something entirely new. It also made me think back to what I did for the past week; sometimes I had some actual updates, like work was busy on a certain day or I completed some assignments or I was productive enough to clean my room or house, and sometimes I reflected on the same routine every day. I wanted my content to reflect broad themes that affected everyone’s lives. I hope that my project allows other people to feel included, and that they might make connections with my perspectives. And also, maybe they might think about what it means to them and the people around them, especially since this pandemic is a global disease.