The following rubrics can be helpful in providing feedback, determination of student grades, and collecting data for assessment of student learning outcome; particularly Connections courses. Connections courses play a critical pedagogical and assessment role within the Colonnade Program at WKU . Connections courses serve to ensure a capstone experience within the general education curriculum and play a key role in program-level assessment of general education at WKU . It is critical to the QEP that Connections courses address Evidence & Argument in student learning outcomes at a mastery level by building upon the teaching and learning foundation established in Foundations courses such as ENG 100, COMM 145, and ENG 300 . The QEP Leadership team collaborates with faculty across the university in:

  • Undertaking an evaluation of the treatment of argumentation skills within Connections courses;

  • Aligning course goals and student artifacts with QEP student learning outcomes to facilitate authentic and reliable assessment;

  • Assisting faculty in devising assignments that can serve as appropriate artifacts for assessment of QEP student learning outcomes; and

  • Establishing appropriate targeted levels of student performance on assessments based on LEAP rubrics.

Please note that each assignment includes a complete citation. If you use any or all of the author's materials, please cite them in your version of the work.


Submissions from 2016


QEP Colonnade Connections Rubric, Western Kentucky University