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Between July 27 and July 30, 1974, the House Judiciary Committee voted on five Articles of Impeachment that charged President Nixon with violating the U.S. Constitution, approving three of them. Article 1 citing Obstruction of Justice in relation to the Watergate coverup passed 27-11; Article II charging Abuse of Power, including the misuse of the FBI, CIA, Secret Service and Internal Revenue Service, was approved 28-10; and Article III accusing him of Contempt of Congress for disregarding its subpoenas passed 21-17. Articles that charged Nixon with violating the Constitution in the secret bombing of Cambodia and with income tax evasion and misuse of government funds related to improvements to his homes in San Clemente, CA, and Key Biscayne, FL, failed. While the majority of Democrats voted yes on all five articles, only a minority of Republicans voted to approve the first three. No Republicans voted yes on the last two articles. President Richard Nixon resigned his office on August 9, making a vote on impeachment by the full U.S. House of Representatives unnecessary.


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