Chimes in April
Chines In April is a story committed to what happens when logical people attempt to solve a problem which is not entirely based on traditional rules of logic.  It is a problem which plagues the human condition through its representation of the triumphs and sufferings it causes in the lives of the characters who are not much different than real people.

There is a storm coming through the city of Aburrido Verde but it is nothing in comparison to the unseen storm in the lives of five of the city's inhabitants which no physical structure can protect against.

In the story, Brandy must learn to accept her changed relationship with her boyfriend Harris and learn that the most falliable things in the world are other people.

Harris must come to a realization involving his treatment of his friends.  Are other people in the world simply to serve him?

Ruby learns that life is too short to forget certain facts, even if they do not stay well in storage over time.

Vidalia learns that a man needs only one mother.

Scott learns that the worst a storm can do is kill someone.  The unseen storm has no limits to its damage but people can survive even the most malignant storm.


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