Originally published in Industry and Higher Education, v.14, no.1 (1 February 2000): 40-44.
Copyright c2000 IP Publishing Ltd. Reproduced by permission.


A brief overview of the historical significance of the work of W Edwards Deming, one of the originators of Total Quality Management (TOM), is provided. The essence of the Deming philosophy is that quality must be the pre-eminent consideration in any strategy aimed at long-term success. Within this context, the idea of what constitutes true quality in higher education is discussed followed by an explanation of how Deming's famous '14 points' are as applicable to colleges and universities as they are to business and industry. The author then explains how the '14 points' can be used as a framework for ensuring quality, customer satisfaction and greater accountability within the collegiate environment.


Business Administration, Management, and Operations | Human Resources Management | Organizational Behavior and Theory | Student Counseling and Personnel Services