Originally published in Industry and Higher Education,v.15, no.3 (1 June 2001): 183-187.
Copyright c2001 IP Publishing Ltd. Reproduced with permission.


Employee training programmes have long been considered one of the keys to corporate success. The primary focus of this article is on what higher education professionals can learn from their counterparts in business and industry with respect to training in a collegiate environment. The elements of a successful training programme are discussed along with how the process can be adapted by colleges and universities. The distinction between training and education is explained, with a discussion of why 'soft skills' training initiatives are often less effective than skills-based approaches. The critical role of the training coordinator in facilitating a programme is assessed and other important considerations are set out, such as selection of the appropriate training topics and determining how long training should last and how many participants should be permitted to attend.


Business Administration, Management, and Operations | Human Resources Management | Organizational Behavior and Theory | Student Counseling and Personnel Services