Presented at the 2011 online Global TIME: Global Conference on Technology, Innovation, Media & Education, February 22-24, 2011. More information at : Posted with permission from AACE (Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education).

The current study was made possible by a College Course Materials Rental Initiative (CCMRI) grant, which is a part of the Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE), a program administered by the U.S.Department of Education.


Academically underprepared college students; i.e., those identified as needing developmental (remedial) English, mathematics and reading courses in order to maximize their potential for academic success at college-level studies, were provided with the opportunity to rent, for a minimal, subsidized fee, mini-computers bundled with digital course materials (e-books). The academic aptitude of the students who participated in the study was assessed when they entered the program, and their academic performance was assessed at the conclusion of the semester in which they were provided with these resources. The aptitude, performance and retention of program participants were then compared to those of similarly underprepared students who were not provided with these resources. Analysis of Variance revealed no statistically significant differences between the academic performance or retention of the two groups.


Community College Leadership | Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research | Human Resources Management | Instructional Media Design | Organizational Behavior and Theory | Student Counseling and Personnel Services