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A Witness to the Impossible: My Life of Mystery and Intrigue


A Witness to the Impossible: My Life of Mystery and Intrigue



My name is Dewayne Stovall, and I am a young man who was born into a life of tragedy, sorrow, and grief at the young age of five-years-old. Sadly, I saw my beautiful beloved twenty-three-year-old mother sneeze and begin bleeding to death one terrible Saturday in our family car, and she died two days later. My life was in total turmoil and grief after that bloody day, and I have never forgotten it. Little did I know at the time that I had entered into a new and sometimes dangerous paranormal world of the impossible. My new journey was about to begin. I had my first UFO close encounter around the young age of ten-years-old, and it was indeed the beginning of a young life that had been changed forever. My days as a happy and safe little boy was over, and now I was living in another strange and paranormal one. At first I was shocked at what I was seeing! My new life would also be a struggle and fight against enormous odds for my very own survival. Yes, this small-town boy would move forward in life without his mother and see and hear things many people would call impossible. Yet, I would learn from experience that nothing is impossible with God. We never know what is planned for our lives, and we must adapt and accept the gifts that are given to us. Mine is seeing and making contact with the impossible! I began writing about my paranormal life twenty-years ago and decided to share my experiences with you, the reader. My life has seen me face abuse, neglect, torture, grief, depression, and sometimes overwhelming fear, but I am a survivor. I consider it a blessing from God just to be alive today writing to you about my amazing life as a paranormal witness and survivor. My career in historical research and writing has been a blessing, but I have always had an incredible interest in true mysteries just like I was witnessing and researching myself. Why I was given this talent from God is in itself a mystery, but I accepted it. I have had the pleasure of working with a fine group of people at Western Kentucky University as a Senior U.S. Government Information & Law Specialist for twenty-six years now. Our library is a U.S. Government Depository operated through the U.S. Government Publishing Office. I want to thank all of the fine mystery writers and researchers out there I talked and shared thoughts with because they helped inspire me to write. These are wonderful people who have writing in their blood too. The person I wish to thank the most is my beloved mother, Beatrice Lea Carver Stovall, for whom this book has been written. She was a historian, musician, artist, and writer just as I am. She didn't live long enough to write her own book, so this one is for her from her son. "I'm just like you mom, just like you." My life as a historian and true life mystery researcher and writer continues to this day because I want to learn the truth. I need to know the truth. Thank you God for giving me this opportunity to prove that nothing is impossible with you!



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Dewayne Stovall began his career at the Department of Library Public Services in November of 1989. He is responsible for the processing, shelving, maintenance, and cataloging of all federal government documents we as a depository library (0213) receive from The United States Government Printing Office (FDLP) system. He, in conjunction with his other associates, makes sure that this information is available for public use free of charge. Dewayne is a history major, and an avid reader of historical information; especially ancient Greece and Rome. Dewayne is also a mystery researcher and writer. He also developed and maintains the popular “Science for Kids” website to help teach kids to learn and have fun using a computer while doing so. Dewayne also wrote an article on the subject that was published in the Kentucky Libraries Magazine.

A Witness to the Impossible: My Life of Mystery and Intrigue