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This publication is an unpublished chapter prepared for a planned edited work. Publication of the new edition was cancelled by the editor in 2016 (author notified by email, 3-17-2016). It updates Chapter 5 of:

Health statistics: an annotated bibliographic guide to information resources, 2nded. Ed. Frieda O. Weise. Lanham, MD: Medical Library Association & Scarecrow, 1997.

This chapter follows the format of Chapter 5, written by Phyllis S. Lansing, in the 2nd edition of Health Statistics. It covers current sources of U.S. statistics (1) Health Facilities – Hospitals, Mental Health, and other; (2) sources of statistics on Health Personnel – General, Dentists, Physicians, Nurses and Nursing Personnel, Pharmacists, and other; (3) Health Professional Education – dental, medical, nursing, pharmacy, allied health, and other. Both print and online sources are covered. Most sources are free, although a few are fee-based. Entries are selective and the previous edition was used as a guide for what to include. URLs and editions were checked on 3-23-2016.


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