Articles include; Bowling Green National Bank, Citizens National Bank, Dixie Cafe, Rev. John W. Lewis, Parlor in Mansard Hotel, Lon Dodd's Grocery, Dr. J. L. Topmiller, Produce House of W. H. Mitchell & Company, St. Joseph's Hospital, R. Y. Thomas, Jr., J. L. Durbin, Galloway, Hughes & Potter, J. W. Bearce Company, Dr. T. W. Posey, E. Hugh Morris, McCormack Building, Kellogg Hardware, C. W. Stone, Campbell & McGown, K. M. Russell & Son Lumber Yard, A County School As It Was and Is, J. W. Thomas, O. N. Wilson, H. A. McElroy, John B. Humble, Dave Rabold, Walter H. Miller, Steam Laundry Company, James & Hogan, Miller & Rogers, D. W. Wright, J. K. McGnnis, Electric Light plant, Mansard Hotel, American National Bank, Rev. Thomas J. Hayes, Warren State Bank, J. H. Gilliam, J. Whit Potter, B. P. Eubank, J. H. Daughtry, Residens of G. C. Southwick, J. W. Stem, W. F. Follin, Residence of T. H. Aull, Residence of J. C. Sims, C. F. Crecelius, Columbi Theater, Brachey & McNamara, L. C. Gooch, F. Y. Paterson, J. B. Simmons, Virgil R. Scott, George T. Massey, City Water Works, Thomas H. Paynter, Frel Keune, Jr., T. C. Cherrry, Bowling Green Furniture Manufacturing Company, Aaron Phillips, Lazarus & Patterson, Mule Dealers, Residence of W. W. Peeter, Residence of J. K. Mcginis, Troy Steam Laundry, D. G. Park, Residence of Garland Sledge, E. B. Sumpter, Sam Moseley, George Moseley, Wilford Milling Company, Enochs & Kelly, Odd Fellows Building, Evansville Bowling Green Packet Company, J. N. Russell, Garland A. Willoughby, Greenhouse of Burdell Flora company, J. Will Stark, S. A. Kelly, Will V. Garvin, J. E. Tyler, Sketch of First Presbyterian Church, Bose E. Hamblin, E. P. Harris, George A. McLean, M. M. Logan, Potter House, Rev. Robert H. McCaslin, J. M. Doom Motors, W F. Ennis, John S. Humble, E. L. Hendrick Company, Jacob Bornstein, John F. Cartwright, Milling Company, Henry H. Denhartt, and Ben Topmiller, Jr.