Kentucky State Colored Educational Convention, held at Benson's Theater, Louisville, Ky., July 14, 1869.July 14, 1869.

Proceedings, p. [1]-35; Constitution and By-laws, p. [36]-38; List of delegates, p. [39]-41.

Local delegates include Glasgow, Barren County -John Garnet, James Wilson, Ribert Everett, Henry Shirley, John Dudley, H. Woodson, P. Ranney, David Dorsey, and Reace Childress

For Bowling Green: A. Billhall, D. V. Higdon, R. H. Porter, W. Anderson, V. Loving and Rev. J. T. Thomas

There is a printed speech of remarks by John G. Fee. He addresses at length the necessity of education, the Democratic Party, Chivalry, and hero worship.

An additional speech by John M. Langston highlights liberty, Labor, law, and equality and how to demand your rights. He mentions Frederick Douglass, Abraham Lincoln, Carl Schurz, and Mississippi Lawyers.

The Conventions were a part of demanding labor and education rights for black Americans. The convention was seeking a part in the School Fund of Kentucky.

“We are part and parcel of the Great American body politic; … we are intensely American, allied to the free institutions of our country by the sacrifices, the deaths and the slumbering ashes of our sons, our brothers and our fathers.


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