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A history from the 1978 program: “Little has been found to determine when Taylor's Chapel was first organized, but close examination establishes 1866 or 1867, when the church workshop was carried from house to house. Records indicate that the property was purchased on April 4, 1871 from Harry and Evelyn Hampton. This property is where the church was built. Trustees who signed the deed were: Benjamin McPeters, George Winrow, Harry Hampton, George Harper, David Dickerson, Joe Keel and William Hendricks. The purchase price was $220. The property was described as being on Shelby St. (now 7th St.) between Bridge & Green streets, now College & Center streets. Another piece of property adjoining this was purchased from James & Ann Flinn on May 19, 1873 for $500. A 3rd piece of property was purchased from H. C. & A. E. Hampton for $60 on Aug. 1, 1873. These were narrow lots, one only 22 ft. wide and another 15 ft. wide. Suit was brought against the Trustees on April 24, 1888 and Bishop W. J. Gaines' paid the note for $200 and another for $50 on Aug. 24, 1888. The first church parsonage was located at 877 11th St. Mrs. Dollie Mallery donated such property for the parsonage. The property was obtained by the City School Board of Education during the 1920's with the parsonage being relocated to its present site at 5th & Chestnut Streets. The church we now have was once one of those magnificent tall buildings with stained glass windows and a pipe organ. It was remodeled in 1929 under Rev. H. P. Smith. The structure was lowered and the front was completely changed. For years the church was heavily in debt, but the mortgage was finally paid off under Rev. R. G. Taylor. At one time Taylor Chapel was considered the Mother Church of the many Black Methodist churches in the county. Salters Chapel AME in Jonesville; Blue Level AME Church on Magnolia; Westly Chapel AME Church ; Jackson Chapel AME Church in Plum Springs ; along with Taylors Chapel AME provide many religious and pleasurable activities for the Black community.”


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