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This collection is archived in Manuscritps & Folklife Archives at Western Kentucky University; 270-745-6434;


The minutes of the Caverna (later Horse Cave), Kentucky Board of Trustees from 1871 to 1892. Full text of the minutes, in 50-page increments, can be seen by clicking on "Additional Files" below. The community was known as Horse Cave, but changed its name to Caverna in 1869 and later changed its name back to Horse Cave in 1880. Stray material was scanned where it was found in the minute book; blank pages were not scanned. A short index was typescripted from the original minute book and is also included as an "Additional File." This minute book is part of the Edwards Collection (MSS 22).


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Horse Cave Index.pdf (175 kB)
Trustees Minutes Index

Horse Cave 2.pdf (4223 kB)
Trustees Minutes, p. 1-50

Horse Cave 3.pdf (4832 kB)
Trustees MInutes, p. 51-100

Horse Cave 4.pdf (3864 kB)
Trustees MInutes, p. 101-150

Horse Cave 5.pdf (4755 kB)
Trustees MInutes, p. 151-200

Horse Cave 6.pdf (4844 kB)
Trustees Minutes, p. 201-250

Horse Cave 7.pdf (4962 kB)
Trustees Minutes, p. 251-300

Horse Cave 8.pdf (4806 kB)
Trustees Minutes, p. 301-350

Horse Cave 9.pdf (1252 kB)
Trustees Minutes, p. 351-400

Horse Cave Index.pdf (175 kB)
Trustees Minutes Index



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