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Ogden College student body and faculty. Front row l to r: Miller Hays, Preston Smith, Aubrey Whittle, Robert Renfrow, Paul Templeton, Arch McGuire, Roy Cooksey, John McMullan, Ross Coleman, Charles Whittle (president), Raleigh Shelton, Otis Anderson, Roy Milliken, Guy Howerton, Carey Duckett, ? Burton, William Rice, Nat Huffman, Ennis Harris, Pete Calhoun, Woodford Hardcastle, Russell Tichenor, Richard Greer, Arthur Durbin, William Haynes, Gleason Rabold, Joe Murphy, Albert Hendricks and Todd Hayes.

2nd row l to r: John Lawrence, Jack Smith, Arthur Pickles, Hugh Rabold, William Fletcher, Frank Jenkins, ? Wilson, Jack Daugherty, Claude Winslow, Cordell Lawrence, Chester Gilliam, Paul Eisenhart, Weldon Peete, Truman Demunbrun, Lucian Elrod, Drua Raymer, Vernal Demunbrun, Roy Holland, B. Lucas, St. George Carmichael, John Davis, John Rose, Marcillous Murphy, Albert Covington, George Massey, Paul McGinley, Charles Starks, Lige Thomas and Rodney Dafenball.

3rd row l to r: Kirtley Amos and Sanka Lindsey. Normal Students: Elwood Huffman, Thomas Thomas, William Dillard, P. McCandless, Jimmy Chandler, Pap Mansfield, Lawrence Duncan, Douglas Sanders, Douglas Smith, S.S. Fant, Pat Shelton, Hollins Lashmit, Walter Evans, Alvis Temple, Ras Jones, Walter Schade, J.D. Morin, Ervin Denham and Lige Nesbit. Ogden Students: Roscoe Murray, ? Franklin and ? Clark.

In background: Frank Ayres, ? Palmer, Frederick Hilary and William Lee.