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Newsletter created by WKU ROTC regarding activities and opportunities offered by the program. In this issue:

  • 'Hilltoppers' Campus is One of the Nation's Most Beautiful
  • WKU Cadet Organization Tailored to the Student's Needs
  • Army ROTC An American Tradition
  • Scholarships
  • What About Graduate School?
  • ROTC and the Single Girl
  • In Business Management ROTC Pays Extra Dividends
  • Seniors Offered Free Flight Training
  • Sophomores: Look Into the Two-Year Program
  • Officers Enjoy Foreign Travel
  • Army ROTC . . . After Hours
  • Army ROTC . . . the More You Look at it, the Better it Looks!!
  • Glimpses . . . of an Army ROTC Summer Vacation
  • Military Benefits
  • Producing Effective Leaders is Goal
  • ROTC Brings University into Military
  • ROTC is for the Veterans


Military and Veterans Studies