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Newsletter created by WKU ROTC regarding activities and opportunities offered by the program. In this issue:

  • WKU: A Growing Institution
  • Extracurricular Activities Abound
  • Rebelettes High Ranking Among Coed Drill Teams
  • ROTC Cadets Win Football Fame
  • Just One Step Ahead . . .
  • Industry Seeks ROTC Officers
  • ROTC Graduate Claims Many Valuable Assets
  • ROTC Units Have Own Activities
  • ROTC Course Adds Specialty
  • Instructors Fulfill Many Roles
  • U.S. Leaders Hail ROTC
  • 2-Year Scholarship Pays All Expenses
  • Army Adds 3-Year Scholarship
  • Senior Cadets Earn Pilot's License
  • High School Seniors Qualify
  • Variety Spices the Life of the ROTC Cadet
  • Foreign Travel Greets officers
  • Your Choice: Cadets Select Branch
  • Military Enjoys Added Benefits
  • Monthly Pay for Junior Officers
  • Summer Camp: Learn by Doing
  • Cadets on the Go from Dawn to Dark
  • Basic Camp Sends Cadet to Advanced Program
  • Open House at Camp
  • Cadets Exchange Command Positions
  • Rifle Team at WKU Gains Wide Recognition
  • Junior Platoon Prepares Cadets for Summer Camp


Military and Veterans Studies