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Teachers College Heights monthly magazine promoting WKU and documenting campus events and courses offered. This issue includes:

  • Crabb, A.L. An Estimate in Strong Colors
  • Henry Cherry Memorial Service Program
  • Garrett, Paul. Introductions at Cherry Memorial Service
  • Grise, Finley. Remarks at Cherry Memorial Service
  • Donovan, H.L. Inspirer of Youth
  • Harman, J. Lewie. The Man
  • Alexander, J.R. "That Other Thing"
  • Stickles, Arndt. The Practical Philosopher
  • Whitmer, J.R. Story of the Statue
  • Radio Broadcast of Memorial Program
  • Other Tributes to Dr. Cherry
  • Committees
  • Ceremony of Sealing Records in Base of Statue
  • Photographs of Cherry Statue dedication
  • Loredo Taft, Sculptor, Henry Hardin Cherry Bronze Statue
  • Henry Wright, Landscape Architect of Western Teachers College from 1909 until his Death July 9, 1936
  • Taft, Loredo. Letter to J.R. Whitmer, Jan. 16, 1929 re: Cherry Statue
  • Taft, Loredo. Letter to J.R. Whitmer, Feb. 2, 1929 re: Cherry Statue
  • Photograph Cherry Hall
  • School Calendar, 1938
  • Photograph Van Meter Hall
  • Special Information for Prospective Students
  • Program of Courses for the Second Semester, 1937-38
  • Kentucky Building Grounds
  • Merry Christmas!


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