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Program for the Day of Commemoration & Dedication for Grise Hall, Helm Library, Wetherby Administration Building, Bemis Lawrence Hall, Barnes-Campbell Hall, Rodes-Harlin Hall, Taylor Agricultural Center, Hardin Planetarium and Thompson Complex for Science.

  • Program
  • Nash, Ronald. Invocation
  • Cravens, Raymond. Introductory Remarks
  • Downing, Dero. Remarks
  • In Veritatis Amore (In the Love of Truth)
  • Cravens, Raymond. Remarks
  • Jenkins, William. Commemoratory Statement - Finley Grise Hall
  • Tyler, Sara. Commemoratory Statement - Margie Helm Library
  • Minton, John. Commemoratory Statement - Lawrence Wetherby Administration Building
  • Keown, Charles. Commemoratory Statement - Bemis Lawrence Hall
  • Cochran, Robert. Commemoratory Statement - Barnes-Campbell Hall
  • Burt, Mary. Commemoratory Statement - Rodes-Harlin Hall
  • Page, Tate. Commemoratory Statement - Charles Taylor Agricultural Center
  • Sagabiel, John. Commemoratory Statement - Hardin Planetarium
  • Russell, Marvin. Commemoratory Statement - Kelly Thompson Complex for Science
  • Menser, William. Dedicatory Statement
  • Bailey, Donald. Dedicatory Statement
  • Haley, W. Burton. Dedicatory Statement
  • Sparks, Harry. Dedicatory Statement
  • Cravens, Raymond. Concluding Remarks
  • Luncheon Program
  • Wilson, O.J. Invocation
  • Downing, Dero. Introduction of Earl Edmonds
  • Edmonds, Earl. Greetings from Student Body
  • Cravens, Raymond. Introduction of Special Guests
  • Downing, Dero. Recognition of Honorees
  • Harlin, Maxey. Introduction of Speaker
  • Breathitt, Edward. Remarks
  • Downing, Dero. Remarks
  • Sparks, Harry. Remarks
  • Resolution in honor of Kelly Thompson
  • Downing, Dero. Concluding Remarks


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