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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news.

  • Campus Mock Election Balloting Set Monday
  • White, Alana. Students Will Elect '68 Queen and Court
  • 37 Seniors Make 'Who's Who' List
  • Dr. Bergen Evans to Lecture
  • Associated Students Dance Tomorrow
  • Retired Faculty Member Arndt Stickles Dies Sunday
  • Physics Members Attend Convention in Georgia
  • WKU to Hear Kentucky Southern College Verdict Soon
  • Males Improve Cheering Staff
  • Mock Election to Reveal Awareness
  • Total Campus Turn-out Should Decide Queen
  • Kelly Thompson Starts 13th Year as Exec
  • Police Should Act Within Legal Bounds
  • Tucker, Bruce. Why Not Artistic Teaching?
  • Hoppe, Arthur. Diplomacy-the Art of the Young
  • Little, Larry. Current Usages Direct Bergan Evan's Dictionary Content
  • Lyne, John. Pop Singers Make National Anthem 'Swing'
  • Hubert Humphrey Has History of Liberal Legislation
  • Honors Program Making Plans for Activities
  • Anti-Communist Campaign Began Richard Nixon's National Political Career
  • Jane Jenkins Dies in Wreck
  • George Wallace's Past Record Supports Segregation
  • Veterans Book Exchange Tremendous Success
  • Knight, John. Pledges Have Morning Drill Behind State
  • Marlow Cook's Thing in Life - Republicanism and Kentucky
  • ROTC Officers Elected During Recent Meeting
  • Duane Olson Seeks Seat
  • Senate Hopeful Katherine Peden Boasts Extensive Experience
  • Klein, Judy. Clubs Initiate Plans for Fall Meetings
  • Cinema Guild Memberships Open
  • Panhellenic Awards Book Scholarship
  • Norman Orr, ROTC Head Goes on Vietnam Duty
  • Inter-Fraternity Council Schedules Two Gala Dances for Homecoming
  • Gwynn Tuell Wins Miss Three Alarm
  • Sigma Alpha Epsilon Team to Run Victory Ball, Petition
  • White, Alana. Organization is Key Word of Associated Students
  • Seniors Begin Year's WOrk
  • Zeh, John. Budget-Makers Cut $5 Million from NDEA Loan Allocations
  • Women's Intramurals Begins
  • Patterson, Tom. Gary Ebling, Long Days, Endless Tapings Constitute Trainer's Life
  • Schuhmann, Paul. Male Yell Leaders to Make Debut at Western-Tennessee Tech Clash


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