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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Regular features include:

  • Alumni News
  • Athletics
  • Campus News
  • Chapel
  • Club News
  • Editorials
  • Hilltop Breezes by Zypher
  • News Heard Around the Campus
  • Society

This issue contains articles:

  • Department of Physics Makes Demonstration
  • F.C.G. Classical Club Elects New Officers
  • Students Hear Veteran Officers – A.W. Mell
  • Sermons Broadcast by Local Minister – M.L. Moore
  • Board of Regents Buys Farm Land
  • English Club Holds First Meeting
  • New Teachers Added to College Faculty
  • New Semester Begins with Enthusiasm
  • Students Are Given Physical Inspection
  • Murray Hill Speaker at Congress Club
  • Rifle Team of ROTC is on the Job
  • Department Head Speaks to Teachers
  • Prof. Alexander Attends State Convention
  • Supt. Cherry Addresses Students – T.C. Cherry
  • Sophomores Promoted to Junior Class
  • President Georgetown College Addresses Students from Text “Abide in Me & I In You”
  • Beauchamp, Katheryn. Vinegar Hill, A Hsitory of the Old Fort of Civil War Fame on Teachers College Heights
  • Scientific Eye-Openers
  • Commencement Speakers by the Teachers College
  • Class Activities
  • Haliburton, Gladys. A Friendly Chat with Prof. Mell
  • Over the Specks
  • ROTC Unit Increases Enrollment
  • Parkham-Mitchum Wedding
  • Domestic Arts Building Will Soon be Open
  • Why Attend College?
  • Hightower, Claude. Good, But –
  • His Monument Still Stands
  • Wilson, Gordon. Passing Institutions of the Teachers’ College – Hayrides
  • Hornback, Raymond. A Chapel Program
  • Van Dyke’s Tribute to the Unknown Teacher
  • Luther Burbank Missed by Friends
  • Award of Sweaters to be Made to Letter Men
  • Administration Club Has Meeting
  • Who’s Who Around Teachers’ College
  • Seniors Will Present Play “Meet the Wife”
  • Debating Team is Selected to Meet Berea College
  • Maurice Burton Proves Ability as History Teacher
  • New ‘Phone System Installed on Hill
  • College High Team Wins Three Games
  • Musical Program is Feature at Local Church
  • Cherryton Elects New Officers


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