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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Regular features include:

  • Alumni News
  • At the Churches
  • Athletics
  • Campus News
  • Chapel
  • Class Activities
  • Club News
  • Editorials
  • Lamb Chops
  • News Heard Around the Campus
  • Personals

This issue contains articles:

  • Doctor Cherry is Speaker at Hopkinsville
  • Dr. M’Murry is Honored at Peabody
  • Journalists Visit Times-Journal Plant
  • Funkhouser is Speaker at Chapel
  • James Speed Speaks at Western
  • Honor Club, a New Organization, Meets
  • Infection is Fatal to Student – Elizabeth Hillyard
  • Herald Staff Will Edit City Daily
  • Music Club to Give Operetta
  • Sixth Grade Brings World Traveler Here – Richard Haliburton
  • Health Worker is the Guest of College – George Payne
  • St. Patrick’s Tea at Potter Hall
  • Dewy Wallace
  • Mr. Ford Addresses Meeting of Bankers
  • Rural School Entertains at Chapel
  • 25 Girls Go to Winchester to Witness Boys Struggle for State Championship
  • Classical Club Meets with Miss Elizabeth Thomas
  • “Leisure Costs Americans More than Anything Except Food,” Says Professor J.R. Alexander
  • Regional Tournament is Success
  • Rural School Reports Activity
  • Mr. Yarbrough Speaks to Students
  • Thirty Teams from Five States are Beaten by Teachers College for Rifle Honors of Fifth Area
  • KEA Music Program is Planned
  • Supt. Cherry Speaks at New Orleans, La. – T.C. Cherry
  • Who’s Who Around the Teachers College – William Martin, George Page, Roy Martin, Bob Green, John Carr, Florence Schneider, J.E. Bryant
  • Baseball Training Begins Here
  • Heating System is Now in Operation
  • Michigan Educator Speaks Here – Webster Pearce
  • History Club Entertains W.D. Funkhouser
  • Helm, Margie. School Librarians
  • Woodring, Franklin. The Artist
  • With Suicidal Intent
  • Hornbach, Raymond. Country Life
  • Needed: More Mark Hopkinses
  • White, Verde. A Tribute to Mother
  • Kees, Luther. A Comedy of Errors
  • Two Great Teachers – Ira Remsen, Harry Judson
  • Miss Robertson Talks at Chapel
  • Maj. Thomas Rothwell Talks on the Philippines
  • Cecil Wright Attends History Club Banquet
  • Cherryton Babies
  • Sweaters & Trophies are Presented
  • Has a Narrow Escape from Injury – Puchum Mansfield
  • Izaak Walton League Meets at Boyce
  • Fire in the Village
  • NEA Section Meets in Texas
  • Maj. Thomas Rothwell to Head CMTC Board in Warren
  • Students Attend State Tournament
  • District Tournament Held at Smiths Grove
  • Forest Fires are Reduced


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