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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Regular features include:

  • Alumni News
  • Athletics
  • Chapel
  • Class News
  • Club News
  • Editorials
  • Kempusology Inside Out by Kelly Thompson
  • Kollege Kampus Ravings by A. Shavings
  • Personals
  • Training School Notes

This issue contains articles:

  • Hilltoppers Are Hailed as State Champions
  • KIPA Meet at Western
  • Dr. Cherry Boosts Kentucky Building
  • Halloween Party at Potter Hall
  • Many Western Students Go on Excursion
  • Prof. Bert Smith Reviews Laws of Politics in Talk
  • “Naughty Marietta,” Great Opera Comique of Victor Herbert Coming
  • Albing Rats to be Used by Dietetics Class in Home Ec.
  • History Club Addressed by J.W. Townsend
  • Third District Teachers Meet on the Hill
  • Dr. Cherry Gives Banquet in Sandwich Shop
  • Mr. Powys Makes Talk at Chapel
  • Miss Charleen Yates Falls, Breaks Left Leg
  • Steel Tank Erected on the Old Fort
  • Chairmanship Given Miss Mildred Reynolds
  • Alumni of Western Entertained During Homecoming Program
  • Much Enthusiasm is Vested in Pep Club
  • Improvements in Library
  • Prof. J.L. Harman Delivers Address
  • Mayfield Host of Home Econ. Association
  • Girls’ Dormitory & Manual Arts Building are Near Completion
  • School Farm Wins Prizes at Exposition
  • The Class of ‘29
  • New Faculty Members
  • Smyrna Hero Campaigns – H.C. Jacquith
  • English Club
  • Tea in Cedar House
  • Classical Club Has Meet at Cedar House
  • The Sophomore Class
  • Pie Supper Given at Rural School
  • Congress Club
  • Orchestra Entertains Chapel
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • College Band
  • An Appreciation – To Mr. Clagett
  • Tabb, Cora. Indian Summer
  • Woodring, Franklyn. The Unknown Past
  • McComb, Harold. Dreamless
  • Woodring, Franklyn. A New Version of the “Rubaiyat”
  • 150 Teachers Meet in Louisville
  • The Wa-Ka-Ta-Cas
  • Blue Grass Trip to be Sponsored by Miss Robertson
  • Rocky Mountain Physiography & Flora
  • Geography Department Forms District Council on Hill
  • A Review of Chapel Porgrams
  • Seniors Elect W.R. Hammond Pres.
  • Teachers Attend Conference
  • “Winkey” and His Team Visit Hill
  • Foundation Fund
  • Cook, Leon. Rambling ‘Round
  • Dr. Cherry Speaks at “W” Club Meeting
  • School Teacher for 62 Years – James C. Barns
  • Mr. M’Chesney Reveals to Students an Interesting Trip
  • Dr. Haggard Heard at Western Chapel
  • Training School to Stage Carnival
  • Students’ Drive for Cave Park is Now On – Mammoth Cave National Park
  • Campaign Subjects Discussed at Chapel
  • Daviess County Party in Sandwich Shop
  • Western Librarians at Association Meet
  • Pep Meet at Western
  • Sandwich Shop Extends Welcome


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