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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Regular features include:

  • Alumni News
  • Athletics
  • Chapel
  • Class News
  • Club News
  • Editorials
  • Kempusology Inside Out by Kelly Thompson
  • Kollege Kampus Ravings by A. Shavings
  • Personals
  • Rambling ‘Round by Leon Cook
  • Training School Notes

This issue contains articles:

  • Kentucky Building Plans Hailed by Students
  • Local Rifle Team Winner in this Area
  • Committee – Kentucky Building
  • The Creation Scores Great Success Here
  • Bishop Hughes to Give Sermon at Teachers College
  • Prof. A.C. Burton Addresses NEA at Cleveland, O.
  • Climate Class Visits U.S. Bureau
  • Many Students Hear Mr. Hoover’s Inaugural Speech
  • Doctor Arndt Stickles’ Kentucky History Interesting Book
  • Mother of Student at Western Passes - Mrs. Walter Copeland
  • Max Nahm Talks at Science Club Thursday Evening
  • Second of State Cold Check Laws is Held Invalid
  • Western Debaters Meet University of Louisville Mar. 23
  • College Students Do Not Have Enough Time to Think Deeply
  • St. Patrick’s Day Program Given by Sophomores
  • Four Houses Being Removed in Village on Western Ground – Cherryton
  • Head Librarian Improving After Major Operation – Margie Helm
  • Mrs. Margaret Evans is New Superintendent of Buildings on Hill
  • Freshman & Senior Ponder on Problem of Driving Car
  • Ward Sumpter to Attend Yale for Work on Degree
  • The Congress Debating Club
  • Cherry Country Life Club
  • English Club
  • Girls Physical Ed. Class Gives Program at B.U.
  • Chapel Bill by Club Gets Much Praise
  • Arts & Crafts club
  • Rose Biggerstaff Gives Lecture at Business U. Chapel
  • Parent Teachers Training School Meet Wednesday
  • Freshmen Grades to be Sent to Parents
  • Burton, A.C. Our School Days
  • McCombs, Harold. After the Show
  • Hamond, W.R. Letter to Editor re: Kentucky Building
  • Weldy, James. Letter to Editor re: Kentucky Building
  • Baldwin, Ben. Letter to Editor re: Kentucky Building
  • Brown, lennie. Letter to Editor re: Talk & Chew Gum
  • Lampton, William. To Old Kentucky
  • May Day
  • House, C.R. The School of Journalism – Kentucky Wesleyan
  • Winfrey, W.R. Kentucky Building
  • Peterson, Hamond. Kentucky Building
  • College Heights
  • Lack Provisions for Rural Schools
  • Will You Show Your Gratitude
  • Western Will Shine
  • Western Will Win
  • A Kentucky Sunrise
  • A Kentucky Sunset
  • Leslie Hewes to Coach Tennis at Teachers College
  • Daring Story Told to Herald Reporter
  • New Teachers
  • Mr. L.Y. Lancaster Well
  • Mrs. Florence Finch Leads Winning Team to Columbia Tourney
  • Mrs. Travelstead Goes to Madison for her Health
  • Tennessee Lassies Take Close Game from Hilltoppers
  • Blue Monday Driven Away by Teachers
  • Mansfield, Paul. Talisman Dedicated to Uncle Billy Craig
  • Death Takes Mrs. Fannie Nahm at Her Sister’s
  • Charles Patterson Elected President of College Press
  • Senior Play Biggest Hit This Season – Come Out of the Kitchen
  • Dr. C.P. McNally is Chapel Speaker
  • Professor McMurtry Delivers Addresses at Several School
  • Band Gives Chapel
  • Mrs. Shirley Ayers Victim of Serious Accident at Home
  • Hog Sanitation Methods Talked at Meeting Here
  • Delegates to DAR Parley in City Attend Chapel at Western
  • Fascists Take Over Italian Universities
  • Chapel Program is Presented by English Club
  • Matthews, Mrs. H.R. The Kentucky Building
  • Registrar of South Central States Meet in Lexington, April
  • Tentative Plans for Sophomore Day are Formed at Meeting


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