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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Regular features include:

  • Callboard
  • Classifieds
  • Commentary
  • Editorial Cartoon
  • For the Record - arrests
  • Letter to the Editor
  • On the Western Front
  • Sports

Articles in this issue:

  • Norton, Wilma. Budget Revision Approved
  • Paul, Steve. Some Oppose Adding Staff Regent
  • Francke, Kevin. Payne to Appeal Rejection of In-state Residency Request
  • Lyly, Linda. Cerebral Palsy Telethon Garners $49,000
  • Rose, Barry. Wyoming Won’t Say if Donald Zacharias is in Top 19
  • Pillow, Robert. UK’s Image Needs Extra Fiscal Boost
  • Staff Regent Proposal Goes One Step Too Far
  • Carter, Robert. Tabloids Fail to Get Scoop
  • Mitchell, Cyndi. Leaders Will Meet with John Y. Brown Tomorrow
  • Wright, Sharon. Tax Time
  • Wright, Sharon. Refund Services Offer Money On-the-Spot
  • Rose, Barry. Handicap Repairs Not Done
  • UCB Announces Photo Contest Winners
  • Connor, Cheryl. Bill Would Extend Dorm’s Open House
  • ROTC Scholarships Increasing
  • Senate Passes Grievance Procedure
  • Vandalism to Elevators is Expensive
  • Lecture Bookings Being Accepted
  • Bloss, Lou. Fort Campbell Musicians Play to 20
  • Heath, Mark. NCAA Couldn’t Consider Cut in Number of Sports


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