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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Regular features include:

  • Callboard
  • Classifieds
  • Commentary
  • Editorial Cartoon
  • For the Record - arrests
  • Letter to the Editor
  • On the Western Front
  • Sports

Articles in this issue:

  • Rose, Barry. John Y. Brown’s Compromise Budget Soothes Most
  • Newton, Tommy. Plan Would Require Students to Retake D’s
  • Dias, Monica. Dental Hygiene Students Learn Professionalism
  • Rose, Barry. Western Gears Up Own Budget Plans
  • Carter, Robert. Pop Quiz Could Tell Innermost Secrets
  • David Payne’s Judgment Poor
  • Magers, Martha. Sandy Norfleet Supported
  • Brown, Bill. Fraternity Story Disputed
  • Hughey, Aaron. Facts Misrepresented
  • Tidwell, Lisa. Stations Separate – WKYU-AM
  • Baker, M.A. Paul Deom Honorable
  • Lyly, Linda. Students Get Grades for Good Housekeeping
  • Newton, Tommy. Riding Team Successful, Overlooked
  • Placement Office Offers Job Help
  • Gray Monstrosities Part of Heat Recovery System
  • Haffner, Steve. Non-Suitcases Deal with Empty Campus
  • Veteran Leader to Speak on Vietnam – Robert Muller
  • Special Library Caters to Needs and Problems
  • Francke, Kevin. Regent Election Today; All Students May Vote
  • Rose, Barry. Summer Commencement Canceled
  • Library Relaxes Fines Policy
  • Open House Extension Now in Dean’s Hands
  • Lyly, Linda. Students Should Start Summer Job Hunt Now
  • Paul, Steve. State Capitol is Classroom for Three
  • Band Clinic This Weekend
  • Heath, Mark. Live TV Games Bring Benefits


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