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Issue mis-numbered as Vol. 32, No. 10


WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news.

Regular features include:

  • Looking Backward
  • Hilltopics
  • Kentucky Building News
  • Alumni News
  • Library Notes
  • Faculty Notes
  • Musical Notes
  • Weddings & Engagements
  • Religious News

Articles in this issue:

  • Breakfast Highlights ’56 Kentucky Education Association
  • Regional Music Festival Held on Campus Today
  • Western Allotted $1,192,235 in New Budget Bill
  • Sagabiel, Jack. Neill Owen to Play for Talisman Ball April 20
  • Joseph Running Heard in Recital
  • Governor Appoints New Regents – W.R. McCormack & Robert Spragens
  • Senior Memorial Committee at Work
  • New Parking Lot Under Construction
  • April 12 Deadline for Writing Contest
  • Davis, Tom. High School Senior Day to be Held May 4 at Western
  • Ogden Day is Celebrated
  • We Can Solve Problem – editorial
  • Orchestra Commended
  • Little Time Wins Ogden Oratorical for J.C. Embry
  • Air Force ROTC Inspection Held April 24-25
  • Arts & Crafts Club Sponsors Exhibit in Van Meter Hall
  • College High Students Serve on Juvenile Jury
  • Doris Smith Wins 4-H Award
  • Ivan Wilson Sees Art Exhibition
  • Stile, Lucille. Modern Library Contains Much Vital Information
  • Dr. Alberta Server Speaks to Local American Association of University Women
  • Crouch, Don. Margie Helm Has Unusual Documents
  • Colonel C.W. Porter Visits AFROTC Unit
  • College High Wins Excellent Plus Rating in Drama Festival
  • Theodore McCully Speaks in Chapel March 14
  • Ohio County Club Plans Senior Day
  • Physical Education Club Will Sponsor Square Dance
  • Jean Reid-Smith Speaks to Congress Debate Club
  • Ruth Temple Attends Art Education Meeting
  • Elizabeth McWhorter, J.C. Embry, Jean Reid-Smith Head Media Cast
  • Jack Sagabiel Heads Geography Club
  • Egg Tree is Outgrowth of Childrens Book
  • James Brent High Scorer in ROTC Rifle Match
  • Keep Off Grass Campaign Proves Immediate Success
  • Earl Moore Speaks at University of Kentucky Religious Emphasis Week
  • Bert Smith’s Portrait Presented at Education Banquet
  • Virginia Dyer Operates Bookmobile at Fort Knox
  • Air Force Counseling Team Will Visit Western Campus Today
  • Debate Club Changes Inactive Member Status
  • History Club Banquet Slated for April 27
  • Thomas Cook Takes Atomic Energy Post
  • Debaters Return from Southern Tournament
  • Cartoon Exhibit Held in Art Gallery
  • Music Faculty Presents Final Recital April 19
  • Western Holds Practice Debate with Murray
  • Jim Wilson Dubbed Sir James by Red Cross
  • Gregg O’Neil Wins Robinson Oratorical
  • College High Wins Top Debate Honors
  • Sibyl Stonecipher Heads Kentucky American Association of University Women
  • Paul Huddleston Speaks to Leiper English Club
  • Mary Cole Attends ASCD Meeting
  • Sara Tyler Attends Library Association
  • Folklore Club Organized by Dr. D.K. Wilgus
  • Taylor, Mary. Life in a Girl’s Dormitory Consists of Many Surprises
  • Social Service Club Searches for Projects
  • Twelve Lettermen Return for Track
  • Jerry Vincent Wins PTA Spelling Bee
  • Ed Diddle Granted Leave from Baseball Position
  • Lyon, John. Western’s Mr. Big to Lead Hilltoppers Nine – Bob Daniels
  • Ed Diddle Now Winning-est Collegiate Coach
  • Walsh, Joe. Chapel is Painless
  • Ron Clark Makes Tennessee Tech’s Honor Five
  • Robert Preston Accepts Position with Scherin
  • Varieties Held April 18
  • Western Teachers Have Unusual Hobbies
  • Judges for Music Festival Announced
  • Glen Vale Shows Film to Geography Club


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