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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news.

Regular features include:

  • Just a Second
  • Campus Line
  • For the Record / Crime Reports
  • People Poll
  • Sports
  • Diversions
  • Movie Reviews
  • Classifieds

Articles in this issue:

  • Simmons, Darryn. Students Seek 24-Hour Visitation
  • Craig, Ryan. NASA Used Challenger to Improve
  • Goetz, Kristina. Coed Dorms Have Least Trouble
  • LaBelle, Charboneé. Regents to Discuss Western MBA Program
  • Lenz, Rebecca. Fair Rating: Off-Campus Houses Checked for Fire Safety
  • Banning ‘Showgirls’ is Censorship
  • Lowe, Karin. Anniversary of Disaster Revives Sad Memories
  • Noon, Jaclyn. Pre-Born Deserve Equality, Chance at Life
  • Flanagan, Beth. Women Should Have Ownership of Their Bodies
  • Harvey, Stephen. Don’t Censor Movies
  • Hutchins, Chris. Students Participating in Long-standing Tradition – WKU Theatre & Dance
  • Stamper, John. Horse Show to Feature Top Riders
  • Holthaus, Marie. Students Clean Out Laundry Baskets
  • LaBelle, Charboneé. Student Disputes Fight Claims – Corey Alexander
  • Lenz, Rebecca. Fire Leaves Buildings Powerless
  • Gagliardi, Melissa. Porn on the ‘Net
  • Hieb, Dan. Quentin Tarantino’s Vampire Flick Sucks Laughs from Viewers
  • Finch, Mike. Sean O’Shea Takes Leadership Role to Keep Team on Top


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