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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news.

Regular features include:

  • Just a Second
  • Campus Line
  • For the Record / Crime Reports
  • People Poll
  • Sports
  • Diversions
  • Movie Reviews
  • Classifieds

Articles in this issue:

  • Wright, Jennifer. Police Aim at Drinkers Under 21
  • Simmons, Darryn. Students Unite for Martin Luther King
  • Goetz, Kristina. Liquor Law Not Repealed
  • Thompson, Edric. Attendance Policies Reason Not to Cut
  • Holthaus, Marie. Scammed: Keep Credit Card Numbers to Yourself
  • Goetz, Kristina. No Meat to Taco Bell Rumors About Employees, Food
  • Separation on Campus Can be Undone – Segregation
  • Gentry, Vivian. Students Be Careful of Credit Card Debt
  • Goetz, Kristina. Carry Guns Part of Wild West
  • LaBelle, Charboneé. Firearms Help Protect Lives
  • Lemmo, Alfred. Martin Luther King Devoted Life to Ending Injustice
  • Reagan, Stan. Public Benefits from Open Caucus
  • White, Barry. Student Supports Concealed Weapons
  • Stamper, John. Pinned: Fraternities Extend Bids During Spring Rush
  • Lenz, Rebecca. Big Red Dollars Now More Useful
  • Wright, Jennifer. Accidental 911 Calls Reported
  • Hutchins, Chris. Casual Sex
  • Sanderford, Aaron. Chris Robinson Seeking to Shake Slump, Redeem Himself
  • Lega, Stephen. Michelle Reed No Longer on Team
  • Kelly, Kevin. Joe Harney’s Style Earns Respect


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