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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news.

Regular features include:

  • Just a Second
  • Campus Line
  • For the Record / Crime Reports
  • People Poll
  • Sports
  • Diversions
  • Movie Reviews
  • Classifieds

Articles in this issue:

  • Stamper, John. Politics Surface in Higher Education Debate
  • Smith, Scheri. Preregistering for Fall 1997 Semester Pays Off for Students
  • Olmsted, Mikki. Western Employee Indicted on Forgery – Michael Petruna
  • Riley, Jason. Western TV Ranked Nationally for Best News
  • Can Paul Patton Pull It Off? – Education Reform
  • Beach, Bennie. Respect Colleagues
  • Riley, Jason. Life After Being a Hate-Monger Isn’t So Bad
  • Craig, Ryan. Sean Connery’s Accent Creates Love Bond
  • Batcheldor, Matt. Television Ratings Are a Joke
  • Lenz, Rebecca. Abused Children Remembered This Month
  • Lenz, Rebecca. Regular Check-Ups Can Help Detect Cancer
  • Women Honored – Sara Combs, Melissa Stewart
  • Mains, Brian. Greeks Spring Into Song
  • Olmsted, Mikki. Vehicle Vandalism Worries Students
  • Davis, Rochelle. Memorial to be Held for Professor - Whitney Combs
  • Hale-Bopp Viewing Held This Weekend
  • Lanter, Charlie. Are Scientists Playing God? – Cloning
  • Lanter, Charlie. No Lie: Jim Carrey Promises Laughs


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