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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news.

Regular features include:

  • Just a Second
  • Campus Line
  • For the Record / Crime Reports
  • People Poll
  • Sports
  • Diversions
  • Movie Reviews
  • Classifieds

Articles in this issue:

  • Back, Shannon. Record Rain Falls on City
  • Finch, Mike. Fan’s Loyalty Sticks Like Bubble Gum
  • Lenz, Rebecca. Morning After Pill Cuts Down Concerns
  • Olmsted, Mikki. Prepare for Rising Water
  • Lucas, Fred. Students Finding Jobs Around the Globe with Internet
  • Remember This History Lesson
  • Craig, Ryan. Town’s Ferocious Feline Frenzy Unleashed
  • Mayo, Travis. Dorm Life’s Good, Free Cable’s a Plus
  • Dye, Robert. Western Needs Better Communication
  • Stewart, Rick. Support Lady Toppers
  • Davis, Rochelle. Show Examines Women’s Suffrage Movement – Susan B. Anthony
  • Lenz, Rebecca. Oral Contraceptive Taken Day After Sex
  • Olmsted, Mikki. Legal Tobacco Buyers Carded
  • Lenz, Rebecca. New Diet Pills May do More Harm Than Good
  • Lanter, Charlie. Booty Call Takes Sly Look at Sexual Tension
  • Siria, Stephanie. Poet Discusses Works, Experiences – Richard Tillinghast
  • Brewer, Jerry. Erick Rosa’s Bat helps Lead Western Past Cards


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