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Articles written by honors program students. They were originally research projects, class papers or essays written for academic credit, but in each case the student has done further work editing and improving his or her manuscript for this publication. The articles represent a broad range of interests and disciplines, and they indicate a healthy attempt on the part of at least some students to dig for deeper knowledge and understanding than is usually associated with undergraduate study.

  • Harris, James. The Trent Affair; Restraint vs. Irresponsibility
  • Massey, Scott. Foolishness
  • Oskins, Doug. Reuse of Sewage as a Potable Water Supply
  • Alvey, Richard. Evidences of Religion Among Homo Sapiens Neanderthalensis
  • Wendling, Patricia. A Study of Political Party Identification and Its Results
  • Meade, Robert. Buddhism in Communist China: 1949-1966
  • Williams, Charlotte. Children and Death
  • Cameron, Rod. The Platonic Idea of the Good


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