Publication Date

Fall 1965


Lectures delivered by WKU professors to the Freshman Colloquium in the fall of 1964. The Freshman Honors Colloquium is a special course open only to freshmen students whose test scores, on the battery of tests administered to all entering freshmen, fall in the upper 15% and who graduated in the top quarter of their high school graduating class. The book lists the participants in the colloquium.


  • Bailey, Donald. What is a Man, According to a Biologist?
  • Nash, Ronald. A Philosopher Looks at Man
  • Tachau, Charles. A Theologian Looks at Man
  • Watson, John. A Sociologist Looks at Man
  • Shedd, Charles. A Psychologist Looks at Contemporary Man
  • Stone, Thomas. Modern Man and His Music
  • Jackson, Carlton. The Historian Looks at Modern Man


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