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Papers representative of the variety of scholarly research conducted at WKU.

  • Adams, Kathy. The Appalachian Language
  • Barnett, Philip. A Study of Deviant Behavior of XYY Individuals in Regard to Environment and Genotype
  • Bell, Brooks. Loving, Loyal Linda Loman: An Interpretive Note
  • Danhauer, Janice. Motivating Workers Through Job Design
  • Davis, Barbara. The Transformation of a Man into a Man of Understanding in Murinbata Society
  • Davis, Diane. The Argot of the Homosexual
  • Jewell, Teresa. The Life Story of the Hero of World War I - Sergeant Alvin C. York
  • Lanham, Wayne. Das Knarrenschiff and a Ship of Fools: A Study in Influence
  • Maerker, Marilyn. Land Application as a Sludge Disposal Alternative
  • Roberts, Nancy. Satyagraha: Mahatma Gandhi's "Experiment in Truth" and its Roots in Hindu Religious Traditions
  • Surface, David. A Mahayana Buddhist Theory of Human Personality


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