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Date on cover is 1975. Volume IV - 1976 on title page. "This is the third in our series of student honors publications," introduction.


The articles, all papers done for classes in the university honors program, are divided into three groups. The first group deals with science, especially the area of health care, one of the more practical applications of science in the modern age. The second group consists of three papers done for honor courses in which the major purpose was to expose the student to new areas of consciousness and have them respond orally and verbally to what they read, creative writing. The last group deals with the humanities, literature and religion, two of the more popular fields of the humanities today.

  • Hardin, Judy. Stimulants and Human Behavior
  • Musgrave, Marcus. The Mechanics of Sleep
  • Dawson, John. The Feasibility of the Artificial Heart
  • Hesch, Robert. Analyzing the Analyst
  • Alsdurf, Phyllis. Dostoevsky, Kierkegaard, and Nietzsche: A Personal Statement
  • Hobson, Bob. The Meaning of Love
  • Gibson, Kathy. Sisterhood
  • Castlen, Michael. The Influence of Literary Figures Upon Thomas Merton
  • Davis, Daniel. Science and Faith: An Essay Surveying the Effects of Science on Victorian Writers
  • Smith, Patty. The Urantia Book: Not Just a Revival of Gnosticism
  • Stewart, Tony. Ein Kurzer Abriss Von Wichtigen Beitragern Zu Der Religiosen Gedanken Tagores


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