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The WKU Student Honors Research Bulletin is dedicated to scholarly involvement and student research. These papers are representative of work done by students from throughout the university.

  • Albin, Bettye. John Dryden's Criticism: The Neglected Link
  • Allen, Christopher. Martial Reflections: Ancient Cultures and Their War-Gods
  • Case, Laura. Climatic Preference
  • Deller, Kathy. Regression Analysis: The Effects of Advertising, Price, Income and Import Sales on American-Made Auto Sales
  • Downing, Elizabeth. Dorothy Leigh Sayers: Detective of Literary Theory in The Mind of the Maker
  • Elder, Janice. A Retrospective Study on Discharge Planning and Primiparas at Breckinridge Memorial
  • Flora, Joan. Narcissism and the Need for History
  • Howsen, Roy. A Partial Explanation for Union Decertification in the United States
  • Jones, Charlotte. Interperiod Income Tax Allocation: A Continuing Controversy
  • Jones, Debra. Irving's Diedrich Knickerbocker: A Man of the Past, Present and Future
  • Lewis, Janet. Passionate Puritan: A Study of Edward Taylor
  • Miller, Kim. The Difference in Progression of Vision Between Intracapsular Cataract Extraction Plus Aphaxic Glasses or Contacts Patients and Intracapsular Cataract Extraction Plus Intraocular Lens Patients
  • Miller, Roger. Multiple Regression Analysis on Artos Wire Cutting and Stripping Machine
  • Neagle, Nora. Richard Lovelace and the Grasshopper
  • Prettyman, William. Audience Adaptation in Blaine's Eulogy of Garfield
  • Price, Douglas. Electron Microscopy of Isolated Microtubule Bundles
  • Snyder, Elizabeth. Fear of Success: Latent Personality Disposition or Sex Role Stereotype?
  • Sullivan, Sharon. A Descriptive Study of Teacher Stress
  • Turner, Judith. Structuralism Wheeler, Jack. Materials Requirements Planning: Implementation and Problems to Avoid


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