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The WKU Student Honors Research Bulletin is dedicated to scholarly involvement and student research. These papers are representative of work done by students from throughout the university.

  • Bullington, Brittany. A History of the Piano Girl and Her Accomplishments: Women and Music in Nineteenth-Century England
  • Ellis, Joseph. The Howl of the Mob: Adapting to Violence in Somalia
  • Farrar, Mary. Expectations of Family Physicians: Perceptions of the Doctor and Patient
  • Freeman, Tracy. Martha Gellhorn: The Hemingway Years
  • Guillory, Anne. The Flemish Mare: Anne of Cleves
  • Jordan, Pat. Marketing a Deadly Addiction to Youths
  • Marx, Sarah. Comic Books: Carnage in Living Color
  • May, Deanna. The Cross-Cultural Use of Sexually Explicit Language to Express Anger and Aggression
  • Miller, Kristen. Violence in TV News: If You Threw Your TV Out the Window, Would It Lead the 6:00 News?
  • Shaw, Carrie. How Schools Can Help Combat Violence


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