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The WKU Student Honors Research Bulletin is dedicated to scholarly involvement and student research. These papers are representative of work done by students from throughout the university.

  • Brooks, Lynnette and Cindy Calisi. The Effect of Selenium Supplementation on the Immune Response of Mice with Experimental Chagas' Disease
  • Hildreth, John. Teasing the Muse
  • Jenkins, Rhonda. Steinbeck's Portraits of Prostitutes: Progression of an Author's Vision
  • Kirkham, Michelle. The Prenatal Use of Crack Cocaine: How It Affects Children and How Schools Can Respond
  • Gibson, Jeanette and Juli McCay. Circadian Rhythm of Brain GABA Levels in the Cockroach, Leucophaea Maderae
  • Patterson, Dana. Home Schooling and KERA: Comparison of Themes and Development
  • Purvis, Heather. Leonardo daVinci's Drapery Studies
  • Sweeten, Lena. Demanding Citizenship: The U.S. Women's Movement, 1848-1930


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