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Newspaper created by students participating in the Minority Journalism Workshop hosted by the WKU Journalism Department.

  • Cobble, Eugene. Jesse Jackson: The Pros & Cons of Chances in '88
  • Stewart, Nikita. Scoutchie: Local Barber Pleases Himself, Customers from All Walks of Life
  • Richardson, Jeffery. Disease Has Workers Worried Over Health - Corvette Plant
  • Butler, Darcie. Secretary Enjoys Work with Judge - Jackie Lively
  • Johnson, Felicia. Howard Bailey Cares About People
  • Briggs, Andrea. Shirley Malone's Goal is Enhancing Opportunities
  • Richardson, Jeffery. Employees Tell Painful Stories
  • Rucker, Taisha. Alan Anderson & Civil Rights are Perfect Match
  • Butler, Darcie. WKU Lagging but Still Hopes to Meet Racial Goals
  • Stewart, Nikita. Educator Ricardo Sisney No 'Buddy' But Tries to be a Friend
  • Murphy, LaDonna. Let's Rally Around Nation's Youth
  • Richardson, Jeffery. Closer Examination Shows Newshounds' Real Values
  • Briggs, Andrea. Workshop Exposes Students to Journalism
  • Introducing . . .
  • Brown, Patrice. Former Waitress Now Zesty Fashion Plate - Gloria Ballard
  • Wright, Lisa. Best Comes from Worst
  • Cobble, Eugene. Ad Exec in for Money - Reginald Glass
  • Shannon, Chris. Opryland!
  • Butler, Darice. Workshops Encourage Minorities
  • Rucker, Taisha. Everett Mitchel Urges Students to be Nosy
  • Briggs, Andrea. For Dave LaBelle, Black and White is Best
  • Rucker, Taisha. At WBKO, Getting News Quickly, Thoroughly Vital
  • Shannon, Chris. Eddie Murphy Shines in Sequel
  • Murphy, LaDonna. Untouchables Tops Summer Films
  • Wright, Lisa. Predator Shows Horror
  • Wright, Lisa. Food Services cooking Under Louis Cook's Leadership
  • Murphy, LaDonna. Professor Does Double Duty - Thomas Calhoun
  • Briggs, Andrea. Students Tour Tennessean, Learn Ropes of Business
  • Butler, Darice. Daily News Shows Group Complete Side of Paper
  • Stewart, Nikita. Teacher Leads Fight for Town Fairness - Angela Townsend
  • Johnson, Felicia. Drag Racer Looking for His Lucky Break - Leonard Boards
  • Brown, Patrice. Clarence Martin Faced With Tough Decision
  • Butler, Darice. For Virgil Livers, There was Life After Professional Football
  • Stewart, Nikita. Shoe Business Shines - Earnece Walker
  • Rocky Road to Washington Begins with Primaries in Iowa, New Hampshire


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