WKU Journalism

Publication Date

Summer 1991


Newspaper created by students participating in the High School Publications Workshop hosted by the WKU Journalism Department.

  • Flick, Brad. It Was Work, But it Was Fun
  • Fassler, Lauren. Students Sharpen Newspaper, Yearbook, Photo Skills
  • Runyon, Chris & Angela Bratton. No Water as Bad as Cold Water
  • Runyon, Chris. Niteclass Offers Change of Pace
  • Hollabaugh, Alice. Craig Bell, Louise Hellstrom Share Love of Photography
  • Thurmond, Amanda. Second-Year Students Get New Workshop Experience
  • Anderson, Shawn. Reidland Students Use Money from Yard Sale to Pay for Workshop Expenses
  • Roberts, Carrie. Paul Schuhmann Urges Photographers to Work Hard on Assignments
  • Fassler, Lauren. Stories Must Be Interesting, Editor Says
  • Stewart, Bobby. Some Drove Several Hours, Yet One Workshopper Walked
  • Debes, Karen. Darla Mullen Wins O'Donnell Scholarship
  • Daniels, Jenny. Jo-Ann Albers Concerned About Growing Problem of Censorship
  • Williamson, Sarah Despite Problems, Being mascot Fun
  • Miles, Christi & Courtney Quisenberry. Putting Out a Yearbook is Like Working a Puzzle
  • Ball, Amy. Methods of Relieving Frustration Vary
  • Profiles
  • Bratton, Angela. Former Talisman Editor Keeps Abreast of Trends
  • Eades, Grady. It Really Was a WORK-shop
  • Stansberry, Robyn. Life in a Dorm
  • Benefiel, Amy. Teamwork, Communication Are Keys to Yearbook
  • Tungate, Matt. Getting to Know (and Find) You Keeps Margo Grace, Steve Miller, Amy Taylor Busy
  • Vos, Sarah. Killing Time
  • Powers, Michelle. For Newspaper Teachers, Sharing Knowledge Makes Workshop Fun
  • Tucker, Tiffany. Workshop Offers a Chance to Experience Campus Life
  • Wyatt, Robert. Not Everybody Comes to Western for Journalism Workshop
  • Williamson, Sarah. Bob Adams, Jo Ann Thompson Make the Workshop Run Smoothly
  • Benefiel, Amy. Happy Birthday!
  • Henderson, David. Volleyball Not a Ball for Lost Workshoppers
  • Mullen, Darla. Football Players Practice While Actors Perform at Dinner Theatre
  • Baur, Amy. Hot Dogs, Subs, Pizza Provide a Change from Cafeteria Fare


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