WKU Journalism

Publication Date

Summer 1990


Newspaper created by students participating in the High School Publications Workshop hosted by the WKU Journalism Department.

  • Paul, Jay. It's Called a Workshop for a Reason
  • Hall, Scott. A Class Experience
  • Shirel, Matt. Lone Oak's Lori Spear Wins Red O'Donnell Scholarship
  • Lanham, Ted. It's a Long Way from Harlan to Western
  • Postins, Amy. Photojournalists Can, Must Change the World
  • Young, Nancy. Strive for Excellence
  • Votruba, Jane. Good Reporting, Writing Require Clear Thinking
  • Johnson, Jeramie. Workshop Staff Tries to Solve Problems
  • Buckles, Martha. Swapping Ideas is Students' Goal
  • Shirel, Matt. Diversity Personified
  • Adams, Andy. Workshop Teachers Are Real People, Too
  • Profiles
  • Jones, Tiffany. Baseball Dominates Heather Northrup's Time, Energy
  • Kellams, Joe. Students Take Advantage of Free Time
  • Wagner, Robert. Students Learn Basics, Deadline Pressures
  • Bartley, Neil. Showers Barely Revealing
  • Hesson, Kevin. Workshoppers Adjust to Week of New Accommodations
  • Petersen, Wendy. Curfew, No Visitation Policy Get Mixed Review
  • Talley, Christine. Bringing Goodies Makes Life Bearable
  • Burnham, Maria. Nancy Young Sees Politics, Law School in Future
  • Titus, Danette. Ann Zinn Will remember Soccer Experiences
  • Postins, Amy. Scott Hall Wants to Sing at Metropolitan Opera
  • Marnocha, Ivy. Jud Cook Wants to Play Soccer in College
  • Maloney, Theresa. Jennifer Heath Gets a Kick Out of Soccer
  • Head, Bridget. Everybody Found Something to Do
  • Miller, Mick. It Was Good News for Bad News
  • Wright, Brad. New Sports Emerge; Popularity Doubtful
  • Postins, Amy. Expectations Vary


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