WKU Journalism

Publication Date

Summer 1993


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Newspaper created by students participating in the Minority Journalism Workshop hosted by the WKU Journalism Department.

  • Jackson, Azar. Corvette Plant Gearing Up for Saturn
  • Medina. Ideisha. Progress on New Center Relieves Some Concerns - High Street Community Center
  • Harris, John. With Budget Cut, Human Rights Commission May Close
  • Ellis, Torey. For Bill Wimbley, Hard Work Paves Road to Position in Hospital
  • Diggs, Christy. Cheryl Freeman is One-of-a-Kind Dentist in Bowling Green
  • Huggins, Tequilla & Andrea Matthews. Western Takes Steps to Encourage Black Faculty, Recruit Minorities
  • Hudson, Tamica. Smiths Grove Man Made a Grade A Choice - Curtis Sullivan
  • McCutcheon, Shenita. Gifted and Talented Program Always Looking for Diversity
  • Harris, John. Businessman Helps Get NAACP Youth Grant - Rick Starks
  • Sampson, Carol. BRADD Helps Break Poverty Cycle
  • Jackson, Azar. New Community Center Nice, But it Won't Replace High Street
  • Ashby, Saretha. Teams' Indian Mascots an Insult to Native Americans
  • Huggins, Tequilla. Cutting Local Human Rights Commission Most Detrimental to Those It Serves
  • Penney, Lance. Workshop Provides Chance to Explore Journalism
  • Workshop Profiles
  • Davis, Rochelle. Director Became Journalism Major as an Easy Way Out - Jim Highland
  • Huggins, Tequilla. Photo Editor Stays in the Darkroom - Gary Hairlson
  • Hudson, Tamica. Workshop Keeps Instructor Young - Terry Jones
  • Penney, Lance. Minority Reporter is Journalist First - Toya Hill
  • Shipp, Taiya. Photojournalist Never Has Two Days Alike - Marvin Hill
  • Davis, Rochelle. Bureau Reporter Does Little Bit of Everything - Bobbie Harville
  • Ellis, Torey. A Day at the C-J
  • Ship, Taiya. Graphic Design Universally Spoken
  • Hayden, B.J. Psychology Major Turns Feature Writer - Gloria Ballard
  • Love, Travis. Courier Photographer Communicates with Pictures - Sam Upshaw
  • Ellis, Torey. Workshoppers Learn How Local Paper Operates
  • Shands, Maurice. Menace Doesn't End When Moviegoers Leave
  • Simmons, Darryn. Janet
  • Diggs, Christy. What's Love is Emotional Movie Worth the Money
  • Hayden, B.J. Teens Relate to Cube's Predator
  • McCutcheon, Shenita. Fans of Western Won't Want to Miss Posse
  • McCutcheon, Shenita. Johnny Gill Shows Versatility, Creativity
  • Ashby, Saretha. H-Towns Newest Isn't Group's Best Effort
  • Simmons, Darryn. Tutors Help Athletes Shed Their Dumb Jock Image
  • Ellis, Torey. Pro Basketball Player Returns for the Summer - Kannard Johnson
  • Simmons, Darryn. Western Football Lives to Play Another Season
  • Byas, Latoya. NFL Writer Returns to Give Something Back - Tommy George
  • Byas, Latoya. Women's Basketball Camp Attracts Top-Notch Teams
  • Shands, Maurice. Trina Wilson Leaves Big Shoes for Lady Toppers to Fill
  • Jackson, Azar. Folklore Teacher Learns from Students - Johnston Akuma-Kalu Njoku
  • Medina, Ideisha. Dean Wants to Improve View of Black Males - Howard Bailey


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