WKU Journalism

Publication Date

Summer 1992


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Newspaper created by students participating in the Minority Journalism Workshop hosted by the WKU Journalism Department.

  • Davis, Courtney. City Closing Center in Exchange for Benefits - High Street Community Center
  • Young, Shemica. Woman Dedicated to Helping Children in Central America - Judy Schwank
  • Williams, Sheree. What Hate Destroys, Love Can Rebuild - Barren River Baptist Church
  • Woods, Michael. Barber Shop Offers Family Atmosphere - Jimmie's Barber Shop
  • Allen, Dwanna. Woman Takes a Shine to Bowling Green - Earnece Walker
  • Williams, Sheree. Closing Center Ignores Concerns of Community
  • Buck, Lakesha. Jurors, City Prejudged Defendants - Wilding Trial
  • Jones, Norm. Cycle of Crime, Greed Stalling Progress
  • Majors, Dawn. Some Musicians Getting a Bad Rap
  • Whitehead, Chuck. Batman Returns Just as Big, Bizarre as the Original
  • Jones, Norm. Troopers Not Affected by King Verdict Fallout
  • Johnson, Candice. Money Cuts Hurting Some Local Service Agencies
  • Workshop Profiles
  • Nicholas, Dilu. Student Puts Dream on Hold - Chuck Whitehead
  • Christian, Deandra. Workshop Meets Needs of Minorities
  • Nicholas, Dilu. C-J Reporter Says Papers Need More Minorities - David Goodwin
  • Majors, Dawn. Reporter Stresses Current Events
  • Slack, Tamieka. Nudge from Teacher Helped Start Career - Gloria Ballard
  • Bradshaw, Victoria. Western Will Get New Black Sorority - Zeta Phi Beta
  • Whitehead, Chuck. NFL Reporter Says Finding Comfort Zone Critical - Tommy George
  • Nicholas, Dilu. Most Enjoy Day at Opryland, Despite Rain
  • Slack, Tamika. White Men Can't Jump Shows Cooperation, Fun
  • Allen, Dwanna. Group's Music Has Message
  • Majors, Dawn. Latest Cuts Show Maturity - Troop
  • Woods, Michael. Unique Rap Style Sends Group to Top - Das EFX
  • Cunningham, Robin. Car Dealer Never Content, Still Has Dreams - Cornelius Martin
  • Fields, Carlanda. Ex-Basketball Player Returns as Coach - Bobby Jones
  • Fields, Carlanda. Will Topper Football Freeze Melt?
  • Moore, Terry. hard Work on Hardwood Paying Off for Lady Top - Lea Robinson
  • Slack, Tamika. Funding for Men's, Women's Sports Not Comparable


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