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Newspaper created by students participating in the Minority Journalism Workshop hosted by the WKU Journalism Department.

  • Cunningham, Lashafta. Minority Retention too Low at Western, CHE Charges
  • Green, Lakisha. Children Receive Love and Hugs from Caring Foster Grandparents
  • Donigan, Annecta. Students Anticipate Little Change Despite CHE Visit
  • Sims, Antriece. Journalism Family Tradition for Merv, Eleska Aubespin
  • Brown, Karen. Commitment, Dedication, Hard Work Make Automobile Dealership Successful - Cornelius Martin
  • Brown, karen. Joe Denning Contributes by Serving Community
  • Allen, April. Class Meets Class at Corvette Assembly Plant
  • Ewing, Brad. AIMS Program Gives Minorities a Shot at Success
  • Moon, Aisha. It's Time to Get Serious About Minority Recruiting
  • Green, LaKisha. Veto of Civil Rights Bill Thwarts Minority Advancement
  • Workshop '91 Profiles
  • Allen, April. Minorities Learn All Aspects of Journalism in Workshop
  • Cunningham, Lashafta. Teacher is Learning the Culture of Rap - Cheryl Keyes
  • Pabon, Sandra. New Jack City Intense Yet Realistic
  • Moon, Aisha. Washington Album a Must for Romantics
  • Sims, Antriece. Sensational Spike Lee is Back in Jungle Fever
  • Mends-Cole, Saydee. Gloria Ballard Gives Up TV for Print Journalism
  • Grant, Dewayne. Reporter Works to Ensure Diversity - Bobbie Harville
  • Moon, Aisha. Linda Moore Says Internships Provide Valuable Experience
  • Grant, Dewayne. Blacks Must Be Leaders, David Goodwin Says
  • Henderson, Lynnita. Kevin Pollard Values Reputation, Relationship with Sources
  • Thompson, Erica. Serving in Saudi Tough for Single Parent - Carla Stevenson
  • Kalayil, Ann. Advertising, Not News Turns Wheels at Newspaper
  • Colon, Kevin. Director Encourages Minorities to Improve - Jim Highland
  • Colon, Kevin. Bob Adams Shares Experiences, Listens and Gives Advice
  • Hill, Jabari. Gary Hairlson Committed to Helping Students
  • Pabon, Sandra. Beverly Kirk Advises Workshoppers to Become Students of the World
  • Pabon, Sandra. Terry Jones Can't Quit Learning, Teaching
  • Colon, Kevin. Tour of Channel 13 Offers Look at TV
  • Alexander, Jason. Clem Haskins, Dwight Smith Paved the Way for Integration
  • Mends-Cole. Saydee. Globetrotting Kannard Johnson Always Returns Home
  • Pulley, Tamara. NCAA Selects Lady Topper for Committee - Kelly Smith
  • Davis, Quinn. Lisa Lang Wants to Play Pro Ball in Italy
  • Colon, Kevin. No Matter How Far Away He Travels, Tommy George Returns to Help
  • Kalayil, Ann. Dwight Lewis Describes Risky Interview
  • Donigan, Annecia. Wilma King Says Readers Like Bright Colors


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