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Newspaper created by students participating in the Minority Journalism Workshop hosted by the WKU Journalism Department.

  • Shafi, Farah. Couple Face Struggle to Help Children Overcome Tragedies - Galilean Home Ministries
  • Ashan, Human. Western Must Up Minority Enrollment
  • Hafiz, Diya. Earnece Walker Gives Shoes Walker Glow
  • Patterson, Erica. Western Gets Bonus with Halcomb Twins
  • Williamson, Tiffany. Civil Rights Role Started Early
  • Ahsan, Human. Western Professor Wants Role in Setting Policy - Saundra Ardrey
  • Spaulding, Allonda. Reporter Decides Early on TV Career - Beverly Kirk
  • Shafi, Farah. Students Get Inside View at Broadcasting Business
  • Townes, Jimmedda. Cold Floor, Steel Doors Greet Warren Jail Visitors
  • Osborne, Na'Taki. Freedom of Speech Getting a Bad Rap
  • Brown, Vianca. Ignoring Andrew Dice Clay's Ignorance Protects Everybody's Rights
  • Hartsfield, Helena. Blacks Must Cooperate to Make a Difference
  • Board, Lavita. Black Prejudice Against Whites No-win Situation
  • Spaulding, Allonda. Racism Causes Fear, Hate
  • Ahsan, Huma. Ugly Ducklings Face Discrimination, Some Become Swan
  • Hartsfield, Helena. Woman Travels Around World to Help Children Get Treatment - Judy Schwank
  • Turner, Charlotte. Veteran Officer Proud He's Never PUlled Gun - Hugh Heater
  • Jarrett, Lesli. Tennessean Makes Big Impression
  • Workshop '90
  • Williamson, Tiffany. Photojournalist Focuses on Helping Minorities - Gary Hairlson
  • Taylor, Corey. Jim Highland Guides Young Reporters
  • Spaulding, Allonda. Minorities Say Bob Adams There When He's Needed
  • Osborne, Na'Taki. Terry Jones Destroys First Impression by Setting Off Spark in Students
  • Spaulding, Allonda. New York Sports Writer Urges Students to Invest in Future - Tommy George
  • Mitchell, Toni. Workshop Gets Students to Consider Careers
  • Johnson, Robert. New Herald Editor Doesn't Fit Stereotype - Darla Carter
  • Wilson, Deirdre. Women Find Support at Pregnancy Support Center
  • Baldon, Christina. Local Reaction Varies on Rap Album Flap
  • Gore, DeShunda. Pretty Woman Has Passion, Even Some Love; It's Worth It
  • Osborne, Na'Taki. Melba's Back, Her Soul Exposed in New Album
  • Wilson, Deirdre. Chapman Album Boring, Depressing, Redundant
  • Spaulding, Allonda. Murphy Film Lacks Plot
  • Townes, Jimmedda. Gremlins 2 Wastes Time
  • Brown, Vianca. Woman Beats the Odds - Hazel Robinson
  • Townes, Jimmedda. Helping Students is Goal of Women - Phyllis Gatewood & Cornelia Stockton
  • Wilson, Deirdre. Corvette Provides World-Class Tour
  • Mitchell, Toni. Today It's No Grades, No Play
  • Patterson, Erica. Zip is Hip, Unique Kind of Guy - Roderick Zanders
  • Mitchell, Toni. For Rodney Ross, Degree a Must
  • Parales, Melissa. Tandreia Green Finds New Home at Western


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