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Newspaper created by students participating in the Minority Journalism Workshop hosted by the WKU Journalism Department.

  • Mills, Deanna. Minorities Say Civil Rights Backsliding Here
  • Anderson, Tiffany. Local Woman Gives Children Chance to Live - Judy Schwank
  • Taylor, Carletta. Minnesota Names Former WKU Star Assistant Coach - Clemette Haskins
  • Wright, Lisa. New Language, Old Friends Concern Refugees Most - Cambodians
  • Hart, Jimmy. Quality of Students Made Integration Smooth
  • Taylor, Carletta. Government Teacher Knows Importance of Role Models - Saundra Ardrey
  • Anderson, Lisa. Robert Haynes Says Western Trying to Increase Minority Hiring
  • Batson, Alycia. Good Opportunities Often Mean Leaving
  • Shobe, Tracey. Local Woman Stays Home to Recruit Black Students - Dolores Moses
  • Curtis, Nicole. Blacks Must Not Allow Self Destruction of Race
  • Spaulding, Allonda. Black Journalists Must be Fair, Objective, Color Blind
  • Anderson, Tiffany. Race More Important Than Career, If Choice Necessary
  • Workshop '89
  • Wells, Detrick. Modeling is Passion, but Runway May lead to Advertising - Andree DeLoach
  • Anderson, Lisa. Literacy Changes Lives - Elizabeth Lyons
  • Curtis, Nicole. KIDS Sponsor Urges Minorities to Get Involved - Eleanor Allen
  • Shobe, Tracey. Staying in School Critical, Educator Says
  • Morehead, Angela. Students More Dedicated in Korea, Professor Says
  • Cobb, Rona. Newcomers Integrating Japanese and American Cultures
  • Hogan, Thomya. Critics Say Prop 42 Isn't Good Answer
  • Hogan, Thomya. Adjustment Depends on Individuals
  • Wells, Detrick. Brett McNeal Hoping to Play in NBA
  • Deloach, Andree. Lady Topper Recognizes Role On and Off the Court - Michelle Clark
  • Flynn, Dionne. Sportswriter Urges Students to Work, Keep Dreams Alive


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