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Newspaper created by students participating in the Minority Journalism Workshop hosted by the WKU Journalism Department.

  • Sebastian, Kandace. Shake Rag Preparing for Revival
  • Clark, Ashlee. Concerts in Park Sizzling
  • Byrd, Candice. Actor Relives Washington's Brave Legacy - Josephy Bundy
  • Clark, Ashlee. Multi-faceted Clemette Haskins Returning to Start Foundation
  • Davis, AnCharlene. Uncle Merv Aubespin Tells Students To Make a Difference
  • Relerford, Patrice. Sullivans Share Success to Support Scholarships
  • Long, Michelle. Teacher Trying to Draw Minorities into Profession - Leislie Godo-Solo
  • Tucker, Harold. Army Sets Up Quarters on Hill
  • Belcher, Tammy. Shake Rag Deserves Support
  • Clark, Ashlee. Teach Black History Year Round
  • Roary, Kaylia. TV Should Reflect Family Values
  • Lacy, Brittany. Desegregation Hasn't Brought Races Together
  • Tucker, Harold. Whether You Like the Controversial Eminem, Be Prepared for Him to Be Around a Long Time
  • Johnson, Brittaney. Writer Tells Students to Do Right Thing - Sheryl Edelen
  • Davis, Robert. Cyclist Says He Fought to Fit In - Wells Stigall
  • Davis, AnCharlene. Bumper Cars, Coasters Add to Excitement of Beech Bend Park
  • Roary, Kaylia. Corvette Plant Tour Revs Up Interest in Hot Car
  • Warfield, Camira. Pros Share News Experiences With Workshoppers
  • Warfield, Camira. the Director - Jim Highland
  • Tucker, Jonathan. Artsy: Building Imagination
  • Kelly, Alfonso. State Street Church Rising from Ashes
  • Williams, Jerrod. Chris Marcus Rests After Surgery
  • Long, Michelle. Athletic Projects Begin
  • Price, Ashley. Two-Sport Athlete Follows in Family's Footsteps - Antone Towns
  • Green, Tavia. Aerobics Instructor Makes Workout Class Cry for Momma - Clay Smalley
  • Single Gunshot Wound Kills Former Basketball Player - Nathan Eisert
  • Warfield, Camira. Fake Hair Causes Real Dispute During State Track Meet - Shartez McHenry
  • Briggs, Brian. Titans Give Inside Look - Kevin Dyson
  • Rawlings, Tony. Samoan Samaritan: Mike Fanoga Helps Players
  • Briggs, Brian. Jerry Brewer Shares Dream
  • Sebastian, Kandace. Workshoppers Get Wake-Up Call for Careers
  • Profiles


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